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Colors for summertime: ideas and outfit by MARTA CUCCINIELLO
Colors for summertime: ideas and outfit by MARTA CUCCINIELLO
Colors for summertime: ideas and outfit by MARTA CUCCINIELLO

Colors for summertime: ideas and outfits by MARTA CUCCINIELLO

There is no blue without yellow and without orange, and if you put in blue, then you must put in yellow, and orange too
(Vincent Van Gogh)


Spanish Caravan is an explosion of color, of shades combined into a perfect visual balance, as in the case of the creative process of the painter.

Like a canvas, in every outfit is painted a jurney to far, essential and pure universe, available thanks to the combination of colors, fabrics, textures and soft embroideries.


There are so many outfits: we propose three

The first one is perfect for hot summer evenings. The outfit drifts on the silhouette and creates special transparencies and lights on the body, as a gipsy style. The black color conducts us into a dark night, ruled by the sound of the wind and by the inebriating scent of the beautiful exotic redflowers. They give light and personality to the outfit.


The second one conducts us to a white deserted beach, under the pink lights of the sunrise. A new sunny day starts here to live fully. For this reason, we have created an outfit that can permit the woman to feel herself perfect and free to live her jurney best. The soft and romantic nuances are perfect to bring out the suntan and the natural beauty.


The plissè and the orange nuances of the third outfits remind us the fluid shapes and the endless nuances of the Antelope Canyon, natural wonder of the Arizona. This one is perfect as a cocktail dress and the outfit gently rests on the shilouette and it follows his movements with a natural elegance.


Three occasions, three palettes, three worlds of Spanish Caravan: come to discover the entire collection!


Spanish Caravan Spanish Caravan Spanish Caravan



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