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Spanish Caravan
Spanish Caravan
Spanish Caravan

Spanish Caravan: Take me away, let me find the Beauty

Carry me, caravan, take me away. Take me to Portugal, take me to Spain. Andalucía with fields full of grain, I have to see you again and again”. (Spanish Caravan, The Doors)

The Spring/Summer 2017 proposal by MARTA CUCCINIELLO starts here: it is Discover, it is Travel, it is Wonderful in the face of the Beauty of Nature, facing the Different, in front of the Art.


I close my eyes. A desert, illuminated by the beautiful sunset colors, the heat of the sun under my feet, a moonlit flower, protected from the darkness of the night. Spanish Caravan, take me away.

The light of dawn meets the waves of the sea, the breeze envelops me. I feel the recall of the seagulls, I perceive the flying of the birds in the sky. It is nature that awakens, a new day that begins. Stop the time, immortalize it in my mind this instant. Spanish Caravan, take me away.

I fly to Africa, on a hot summer night. In the dark, a marvel of colors: orange, green, white, blue ... a flower, they call it the Bird of Paradise, but for me it is Beauty. Spanish Caravan, take me away.

Spice of spices, games of ethnic architecture, voices and sounds of the South... I am in Spain! Spanish caravan, take me away, I have to meet you again, again, again...


Each dress of this collection is inspired by an element of nature, a flower, the ethnic universe, to accompany woman in all her discoveries. Light fabrics, transparencies and colors are naturally applied to the skin to make her feel Beautiful, Free and to make her feel herself.

We like to think about being with Her, to live with Her on her trips, to marvel with Her every day. Spanish Caravan is not a collection: it's an experience to live together for the whole of next summer!



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